Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS service is the best means to simultaneously communicate with large no.of audience and market one's product and service. It is a Simple, Cost effective and more reachable medium for marketing communication strategy. SMS serve as a tool to provide quick service which can be delivered in seconds by just a single click.

It helps to acquire customers, sell and promote products and deliver loyalty. The most advantageous feature of Bulk SMS service is that it catch up with your business within no time. You can even customize and personalize the message easily. AIPL’s Voice n SmS provides you Bulk SMS at affordable cost. We cater to all types of customers- small, medium and big. We provide innovative solution for sending group SMS all over the Country.

Bulk SMS service proves very useful in following ways - New project launch, New Schemes promotion, Employee engagement, Advertising Campaign, Sending event or product information, Sending meeting invitation, Sending emergency alerts etc.

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