Missed Call Number

Voice n SmS’s Missed Call service is a service in which we provide a Toll Free Number which when dialled, after one ring the call is disconnects automatically and the caller is registered. Automatically SMS is send to the caller thanking him for calling & informing him that we have registered his Number and One of our Executive will call him Back Soon to understand his requirements / Concerns.

This service broadly used to support any campaign and political party member registration process.

If you are conducting a survey or a vote campaign, then you are required to create an interface that can effectively help you in getting the response of the targeted audience. Going for an online option is now an old concept.

Moreover, people do not like killing their time in following the multiple steps to vote for their candidate. ‘Voice n SmS Missed call to Vote’ can be the effective replacement to existing options used for voting events.

Automatic call disconnections

Caller number gets recorded

Login to panel to retrieve caller number

Filter calls by date & download in excel format

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